Austria’s Genocide recognition result of Armenian community efforts


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H.E. Ambassador Arman Kirakossian : Austria’s Genocide recognition result of Armenian community efforts
September 24, 2015
The recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide by Austria was the result of immense efforts and joint activities implemented by the local commission on coordination of the events dedicated to the Armenian Genocide centennial and the Armenian community organizations, said Armenian ambassador to Austria Arman Kirakossian, Armenpress Reports.
“It was not very easy to achieve that in Austria. There is a half-million Turkish community there, while the Armenian community consists of only 5-6 thousand people. But it did not prevent us from achieving recognition and condemnation of the Genocide by the Austrian Parliament. It was the result of the efforts of the local commission and community structures lead by me within the last two years,” Kirakossian said, attaching great importance to the fact that it was noted in the statement condemning the Armenian Genocide that Austria-Hungary was the ally of Turkey during those years and bears some responsibility for those events
The heads of all the six factions of Austria’s Parliament agreed on the Armenian Genocide recognition resolution. It was officially announced at the April 22 parliament session where all the members of the Parliament commemorated the victims of the Armenian Genocide with a minute of silence.
The draft resolution clearly calls the events that happened to the Armenians in 1915, genocide and urges Turkey to face the history and recognize the Armenian Genocide.

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