Euro-Armenian Games took place in Vienna


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On The 23rd European Games were held in Vienna from 31 March to 1 April. Teams from 55 European cities, including those from Russia, Lebanon, Georgia and Turkey, arrived in Vienna to participate at the games supported by Armenian Ambassador to Austria Dr.Arman Kirakossian and organized by the "Ararat"  Sport Union of Vienna, which marks its 35th Anniversary this year and. Armenian Minister of Diaspora Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan arrived in Vienna to take place at the opening ceremony of the Games and a number of other events related to them.
During the official opening ceremony, Ambassador Arman Kirakossian delivered his message to the participants, organizers and the Austrian-Armenian community, among them Minister of Diaspora Hakobyan, member of the Austrian parliament Gudrun Kugler, honorary president of "Ararat" Sport Union Sebouh Baghadian.


He welcomed the gathered and stressed that this event is very important for the preservation of the Armenian identity and the strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora relations.


During the official closing ceremony, Ambassador Kirakossian particularly highlighted the fact that the friendship gained during the games is the most important achievement, because the division of "winners" and "losers" in such events is purely conditional, and in reality all can be considered the winners, and first of all, it is the Armenian people and the Homeland are winners.


Then, among many other awards set by the “Ararat” Union, Ambassador Kirakossan handed a special “Fair Play” prize set by the Embassy to the team of London’s Youth Organization.


Seizing the opportunity of Minister of Diaspora of Armenia Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan’s stay in Vienna on a working visit, the Embassy organized her meeting in the “Armenia” Center in Vienna with representatives of the Armenian community of Vienna.


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